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Architecture as Process

Successful architecture does not spring full-blown solely from the imagination of the architect. Architecture results from a process of intensive collaboration between client, architect, and builder, a process influenced by site constraints and opportunities, by governmental agencies, by economics and by a host of other considerations. The forms, massing and gestures that emerge during construction are the physical manifestations of a carefully managed decision-making process.

While an architect must balance a myriad of competing concerns throughout the design and construction process, every project begins and ends with the client.

The architect's job is, in part, to manage the process that starts with the client's requirements and culminates in a coherent physical product that fulfills those requirements. ROBA's proven ability to bring the client's vision to fruition is based on graphic, written and oral communication skills. We listen carefully to your requirements. We do not jump to design conclusions. We identify key issues and illustrate choices when appropriate.

Achieving a first class result requires careful planning, continuous attention and intense effort. Rynerson O'Brien's design teams are built around the active participation of at least one principal in all phases of the project. The personal involvement and accessibility of our partners provides for effective client communication, design continuity and hands-on contract administration.

 in Context

ROBA'S identity is built on respect for the social, historical and environmental context of architecture. Buildings and site improvements can exert a profound influence on the surrounding community. We make it our business to understand communities and to thoroughly research the processes that governments employ to promote sound planning and safe construction. Our firm has successfully navigated hundreds of projects through design review and building permit procedures conducted by local governments in 10 states.

We appreciate the houses and buildings that form the historic fabric of great cities, and our appreciation of history is not superficial. ROBA conducts detailed surveys and observations of existing conditions, researches historical antecedents and draws on decades of collective experience in restoration and adaptive re-use to produce designs that seamlessly integrate new construction into period context.

Construction is a resource intense business. Choices made during the course of the design process can have profound implications for consumption of materials and energy during the life cycle of a project. ROBA thoughtfully considers the ramifications of space planning, construction techniques and material choices and makes a sincere effort to produce a design that is consistent with sustainability, permanence and energy efficiency.

We at ROBA feel we have been successful when a completed project honors its users as well as its surroundings.

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