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Crazy Shirts Factory Outlet A “white box” tenant space is transformed by a striking central rotunda in Hawaii


  • Octagonal rotunda opens up store center and brings in daylight.
  • Sustainable design using recycled materials.
  • Rustic atmosphere.

Faced with the typical narrow, deep, low-ceilinged “white box” tenant space, ROBA borrowed from extensive mezzanine storage above to create an octagonal rotunda at the center of this factory outlet and organized the store according to a strong geometric plan. The store layout carefully orients merchandise to customers in a clean but varied presentation.

As a reflection of the client’s commitment to sustainable design, rustic framing and board and batten paneling elements were milled from recycled timbers. Corrugated metal roofing was salvaged from a local building undergoing demolition at the time this store was in construction.