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Italianate Restoration A “remuddled” Italianate row house was painstakingly restored in San Francisco


  • Non-original stucco removed.
  • Façade details researched and designed.
  • Original façade restored.

Stripped of its original ornament and covered with stucco, this Italianate row house needed help, starting with a little detective work. Original details that had escaped “remuddling” on the side of the house, scar evidence revealed upon removal of the stucco, and the existence of similar houses in the neighborhood all helped to piece together the original appearance of the façade. Once the sleuthing was complete, working and shop drawings were produced in order create anew each piece of ornament. The robust detail that characterized the original house was custom-designed, fabricated and painstakingly replaced to restore the façade to its former glory.