McDonald Mansion

In 2006, ROBA began collaborating with historical design consultant Paul Duchscherer on restoration, rehabilitation and alterations to one of the most historically significant structures in Santa Rosa.

McDonald Mansion, Santa Rosa, California

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Mableton In Transition

Ultimately, Mableton was saved from the wrecking ball by Dr. Jack Leissring, who purchased the dilapidated mansion in 1974 with the intention of restoring it. In that same year, the property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Then, in 1977, during the course of the restoration process, a major fire occurred. Most of Mableton’s roof and second floor rooms were destroyed, and the fire burned through the previously intact original main hall ceiling and skylight.

March 1977Santa Rosa Fire Department extinguishing fire in Mableton in 1977.

Officially, the house was considered to be nearly a total loss. It was only through the efforts and perseverance of Dr. Leissring that Mabelton would once again regain its historic position of prominence on McDonald Avenue.

photoAftermath of 1977 fire.
photoRe-framing Mableton roof after 1977 fire.

In 2005, the mansion was purchased from Dr. Leissring by John and Jennifer Webley, who remain the current owners. The Webleys' vision for the future of Mableton has guided the direction of the project that is currently in progress.

Mableton Mableton in December 2005.

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