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Kitchen Remodel in Period Style A restoration and remodel of an Eastlake cottage, incorporating the owner’s antiques in San Francisco


  • Kitchen for Stick Eastlake cottage.
  • Remodel within footprint.
  • Setting for antique collection.
  • Focus on use of period detail.

The last in a series of remodeling and restoration projects for a small San Francisco Eastlake cottage, this remodel took place entirely within the footprint of the original kitchen. Because the cottage lacks a dining room, the room is completely paneled in solid cherry to create a sense of semi-formal dining in a corner the size of a breakfast table.

The paneling serves as setting for the owners' collections of Victorian era antiques, including the pressed glass that has been incorporated into doors and windows. Storage has been maximized by extending cabinets to the ceilings, and making efficient use of closet space borrowed from an adjacent room.